Let's value humans
Express gratitude
Generate happiness

I created OVATIO to allow people and businesses to generate happiness and send LOVE at any moment and as often as they want.

Jean-Philippe Caron

create a trophy - 100% free


  1. choose your trophy
  2. apply textures and colors
  3. enter your message
  4. send your trophy, generate happiness

repeat as often as you want
endless possibilities
and it’s free

create a trophy - 100% free


Promote your brand, motivate your employees and strengthen their engagement

Get your exclusive custom designed virtual trophies.

Exclusive Virtual Trophies

Value your talents and allies. Send virtual trophies created according to the values of your company

Exclusive textures

Showcase your logo. Use custom-made textures to wrap all trophies available on the platform.

Exclusive backgrounds

Put forward the colors of your brand by presenting your trophies in front of a custom created tapestries

Celebrate your employees

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Frequently asked questions

How much does sending a virtual trophy cost?

With Ovatio, sending a trophy is free. Our promise is to always remain free and accessible, forever.

With Ovatio, you can generate happiness 3 times a day if you want, and even more!

How long does my trophy remain accessible?

The expression of your creativity is important to us! Every trophy you create with Ovatio will be available forever. After each creation, Ovatio creates a unique link, your trophy’s secret recipe, which will allow you and the person to whom you sent it, to relive this moment of happiness forever.

Can my company have its own exclusive custom-made trophies?

Ovatio for Businesses allows you to get your custom-made virtual trophies. The creation of textures, materials and virtual tapestries with your logo is also part of our offer. The exclusive textures and materials can be applied to all trophies on the platform, making them hyper personalized and the tapestries serve to color your trophies’ background. 

Ovatio is an exceptional tool for valuing employees and fostering talent retention while creating a strong organizational culture.

Recognition and gratitude are sought. Dopamine is generated when one is valued. Being celebrated is good for our health!

Contact us to order your custom-made virtual trophies: info@ovatio.ca

Can I share a trophy on social media?

The process of sending a virtual trophy can be kept private, that is, you can send a virtual trophy as a private message to someone. It’s always free.

But if you want to express yourself in the open, yes, Ovatio allows you to generate pride by sharing trophies on social media! That too is free.

After creating a trophy, a unique and exclusive sharing link is automatically generated. You can post this unique link which will make the trophy appear on your social media. That too is free!

Or you can send the trophy via a private message and let them choose to share their trophy with their community, or not! That too is free!

Why is all this free? Because Ovatio wants you to be able to generate happiness anywhere anytime and happiness.

Who can see the trophies I’ve created?

When a trophy is created in Ovatio, the platform generates a unique and exclusive link that only the person who created the trophy poses.

Of course, the goal of creating a trophy is to send it to someone, so, by transmitting this unique link, the trophy‘s receiver will also be able to see it confidentially.

If the trophy creator or trophy receiver chooses to share or publish this unique link, the trophy can be seen by those who will have access to the link.

Can I edit a trophy I created once it was sent?

Unfortunately, no. Once generated, a trophy created in Ovatio becomes a unique object that cannot be modified. That’s what makes it so valuable!

Knowing that Ovatio offers combinations of trophies, texture, finishes and infinite colors, every trophy created with Ovatio is unique.

ready to generate happiness?

ovatio is the ideal recognition tool

create a trophy - 100% free